School Policies

The following policy documents are available from the school on request

Field Trip to Titanic

• Anti Bullying Policies (Pupils and Staff)

• Positive Behaviour Policy

• Attendance Policies (Pupils and Staff)

• Admissions and Induction Policy

• Complaints Policy and Procedures

• Pastoral Care Policy

• Child Protection Policy

• Data Protection/Freedom of Information Policies

• Drugs Policies (Pupil and Teachers)

• eSafety Policy

• Curriculum Policy Documents (Literacy, Numeracy, WAU etc)

• Finance Policy

• First Aid Policy

• Health and Safety Policy

• Homework Policy

• ICT Policy

• Internet Acceptable Safety use Policy

• Lettings Policy Statement

• Marking Policy

• PRSD Policy

• Salary Policy / School Cover Policy

• Special Needs Policy

If there's something you want to know but you can't find it on here, then feel free to get in touch